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Question Browser doesn't load local HTML files?

Shouldn't we be able to pick an html file from the device storage utility and have it open in the browser? Clicking on an html file results in a little popup message, "No activity found."
Also, explicitly entering the file location using file:// does not work. I'm certain the path to the file is correct, but the browser reports the web page could not be loaded.

What's up with that?

FYI: Work around -- ES File Explorer does do what I expect. The HTML file is opened in an HTML viewer which looks like it is an internal part of ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer looks like another tool that should be included with the edge.

Update: The same applies for plain text files. I couldn't get a default Edge app will open a plain text file, not even the DocsToGo. Weird. ES File Explorer opens plain text just fine.

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