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Originally Posted by slowsmile View Post
@PapaKilo said:
"I sure would like to have it include the css and fonts I use on every new document when I create a new one."

The above comment seems to suggests that you are not importing an epub into Sigil. Are you importing html into Sigil?

There are several Sigil plugin converters that will certainly include css and embedded fonts in the new epub. Diap's DOCXImport plugin or Doitsu's ODTImport(ODT to Epub) might fit your requirement depending on your original doctype. Another plugin you could possibly try is HTML2Epub - which automatically converts various different html doctypes to epub -- this plugin will create a css but will not import embedded fonts. You might also be interested in the TagMechanic or StyleBender plugins for Sigil. Just read the release notes. Have a look at The Sigil Plugin Index for more information. Lots of choice here.

As a last resort you could also try converting your doc to epub using Calibre. With this app, you can certainly choose to embed fonts and import styles how you like before you convert to epub. But, from an app user point of view, Calibre is a wee bit more complicated than Sigil so there will be a learning curve involved if you've never used it before.
I do use DocXImport when appropriate. Don't like Calibre css. then I have to go in and change all their code.

And I don't import much , if any, html if I can help it.
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