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Originally Posted by Mackx View Post

@repods: I looked quickly at the values stored in metadata.db (on the emulator) and it seems indeed that values > 0 are used to indicate a zoom level, numbers smaller then 0 probably indicate a predefined zoom-mode (full document, page wide, etc).
Maybe you can tell more about what you need. Is the problem that the zoom values are lost after a reset of the device? I cannot find a clear explanation for that.
damn you are absolutely right.. the positive values are the zoom levels..
I didn't noticed that, I just saw only negative values in my files
so the fixed zoom level hack can be done..

at this point what in your opinion is uds_view_port ?
something related with panning mode ?
I think so .. they are 1 or 2 values positive or negative.. for sure the offsets from the center on x and y axis
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