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Calibre Not Recognizig Sony PRS-505

I was wondering if you could help me get Calibre to recognize my sony PRS-505. I get the error "Cannot send: No device is connected" error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a copy of the debug output (which seems to indicate the 505 was found)

Thank you in advance for the help.

USB devices on system: [u'usb\\root_hub&vid1033&pid0035&rev0041', u'usb\\root_hub&vid1033&pid0035&rev0041', u'usb\\root_hub20&vid1033&pid00e0&rev0002', u'usb\\vid_054c&pid_031e&rev_0229', u'usb\\vid_1307&pid_0163&rev_0100']
Drives detected:
(ID, Partitions, Drive letter)
('IDE\\DISKHITACHI_DK23EA-30_______________________00K4A0A2\\5&5FD921D&0&0.0 .0', 0, u'C:\\')
('USBSTOR\\DISK&VEN_SONY&PROD_PRS-505/UC&REV_1000\\0800461000709265&0', 2, u'D:\\')
('USBSTOR\\DISK&VEN_SONY&PROD_PRS-505/UC:MS&REV_1000\\0800461000709265&1', 3, u'E:\\')
('USBSTOR\\DISK&VEN_USB_2.0&PROD_USB_FLASH_DRIVE&R EV_0.00\\BD00C734A207D8&0', 1, u'G:\\')
Looking for PRS500
Looking for PRS505
Device Connected: <class 'calibre.devices.prs505.driver.PRS505'>
Trying to open device...
Total space: (220368896, 0, 1004339200)
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