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Hi there,

I hope this thread is still active. I'm trying to get this weatherdisplay to run on a Kobo Glo HD (FW: 3.19.5613), but I ran into several problems.

- I managed to gain telnet and ftp-access -> OK
- I tried the following packages (the one referenced in the first post, the one intended for the touch and the supplied by david_weese) -> always had problems with import of pygame (python crashed at this point)
- Removed python and tried the python-installation for FW 2.6+ supplied by kevin_short ( -> with this installation import of pygame works
- Text rendering does not seem to work for me. I tried the minimal example at but I always get a error message ("couldn't find glyph")
- So I commented out all textrendering-parts to test the rest and image-update process
- Next problem is that the program hangs at pygame.display.set_mode, requiring a ctrl-c at the telnet console. If I hit ctrl-c the program resumes and obviously works. With this I managed to update the display an draw the lines that are used to separate the entries for the different days

Did anyone manage to get this to work on a Glo HD? Can anyone point me into a direction what needs to be adapted?

Kind regards
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