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Originally Posted by cmbs View Post

You also gave credit to where you got the text. I think people should do that, after all, the majority of the work was done by them.

I don't see any pre-formatted text colors, and that's nice.

You do have the font family pre-chosen so that it can't be changed in the desktop reader, but my cybook is allowing me to select my own font (maybe because your chosen font isn't on it?). I'm not sure what that means for people using mobipocket software on other devices, if they can change their font or not. Personally, I purposely leave all that unformatted so that the person reading can make adjustments to suit themselves.

I might have to read this one
Thanks. :-)

RE: leaving in the attributions - I'm a former English teacher, so I'm VERY big on citing sources. :-). Besides, from a legal standpoint, it's part of the Project Gutenberg License.

I'll look into removing the font family info from the CSS - What you said makes a lot of sense. I probably won't change it for this one, but going forward, I just might. Thanks for the idea.

As for reading it - it's a great book. I also really like Call of the Wild by the same author, though it's been 20 or so years since I've read either one.
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