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Question Text in converted epub is bold, underlined - How to make regular?

I've converted an image-only PDF, via OCR, to RTF fairly well. But a problem for me is that the converter mistakenly saw all the plain, regular text in the PDF as bold, and in the RTF all the text is now bold. I don't want to just use search and replace to change all the bold text in the RTF to regular, since that would change all headings, titles, etc., which should be bold, also, and I would rather not go through the ~200-page document and change each paragraph of bolded text to regular.

I could be persuaded to accept the bold text in the EPUB, but my further problem is that now the EPUB generated from the RTF, using Calibre, shows all the text as both bold and underlined. I don't understand how a simple conversion can make the "assumption" that bold text should be underlined too.

Can someone think of a simple way or a workaround to get the plain (bolded) text in the RTF to show up in the EPUB as regular text (not bold+underlined)? Just for info, I'm not familiar with the concept or use of CSS or style sheets.


Frank D
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