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Originally Posted by rkomar View Post
Those models are actually about ten years old now. My 902 is still going strong, as it is built well. The 300/301/360 are even two or three years older than the 6XX/9XX models, and some still use them. Personally, I've always regretted not buying a 360 or 360+, and they are getting difficult to find now. Good luck in your hunt.
They are! And thank you. I have some of them and they are amazing. The newer ones have interesting features, but are so fragile. I broke two of them just by bringing them outside with me.

I wasn't into ereaders at the time they were coming out in retail stores, so I never was able to get them. It was only after I got the 902 that I started to find all these great devices. And the TTS isn't bad either.

Originally Posted by LucyOne View Post
I have a white Touch Lux 3. Would you be interested in that?
Let me PM you a few questions! Not really sure if it's sturdy enough for me.

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