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Calibre EPub Viewer and Onscreen Keyboard

On both Windows 10 and 11, when making annotations to an ePub, onscreen keyboard flow text input (aka 'swyping') doesn't work in EPub Viewer's text input window. This means that I have to actually type the input. As I'm using a Surface Go Tablet as, well, a tablet, without a keyboard, this is a huge pain. As a really lame but functional workaround, I'm actually flowing my notes into Joplin App and then doing a copy/paste into EPub Viewer.

Some quick Googling strongly suggests that Windows is likely detecting the annotation window as a password field.

I'm not a strong programmer, especially on Windows, and I really don't understand the Windows detection logic at play here. With that in mind, here are my questions:
  1. Is there a better way to work around this? Maybe a setting that I'm missing, or a registry edit?
  2. If not, is it possible for the Calibre devs to address this in a future release?
  3. If this is dev-addressable, how do I get this on their radar?

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