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iOS Update Released: Version 2.0.2

Hello Everyone,

I know most of you have already received the new update, regardless of our attempt to do a phased release. Let me try to shed some light on the recent developments.

Excuse the delay, it's been a little crazy this past week as you all probably know with world events.

1. We have released a new version 2.0.1 and now 2.0.2, this was to fix a small bug and also adjust the skip button text copy
2. No previous paying member should be locked out of using the new version of the app. Skipping will allow you to use the app but eventually will lead to ads
3. Initial release bugs should be replied on this thread ( having some hosting problems, should be back up in 24 hours)
4. "Will Android have an update soon?" --> We are going to start working towards implementing an Android subscription model but from this initial feedback maintain as much as the original code as possible. It is on a very old framework but we will try to maintain existing UI/UX.
5. "Will iOS paid subscription have new, better, shinier features?" --> Not in the near future but thats our goal! First thing is to release a version that is stable and functioning. {Please see below for my greater explanation}

My top priority for the next couple weeks with the limited CC resources we have is to squash CRITICAL bugs. As we continue to progress, I hope to turn efforts towards collecting more user feedback for future enhancements.

I have read the thread with the bugs and am actively working on resolving certain bugs.

#5 (cont.): As a community you have the right to voice whatever displeasures you have with the application and I want to actively receive this feedback in a constructive way. Moving forward to support the development of the app in any way (which will happen, no questions), subscription and ads will be implemented. If you want to continuously use the app for free, please expect ads. The revenue from the app you bought, however long ago, can not support development, and the implementation of the subscription and ads is a way to continue to develop. Simply "leaving it alone" would have let your app slowly fall into a non-functioning version of itself.

As I always say, please be patient with us as we continue to work on improving the app with quicker and more responsive releases.


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