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Scratchbox VNC Server Usage

I've setup scratchbox in a clean Ubuntu VM (I had to create my own as the VMware image referenced above just crashes in my VMPlayer install). I can now download & compile applications and was one my way to testing one when I found out that the VNC server instructions seemed not to be working.

Is there anyone around who could assist in getting my VNC server up & running for scratchbox/iLiad development purposes. I am looking at building the mtPaint application as it:
  • Requires minimal system resources
  • Is available for the debian lenny build (the one the examples seem to come from)
  • Can utilise the pressure sensitivity of a wacom tablet (and hence hopefully the iLiad's screen)

I've been able to build the "standard" version, but cannot test it (don't want to brick the iLiad before running it at least once in the development VM). Once I have the standard version running, I intend to customise the interface somewhat to make it more user-friendly for the iLiad eInk screen (i.e. less menus, more toggle buttons)
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