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Question How to handle ampersand (&) in 0.9.8

I use the character & in several places through my book, e.g. S&P 500.

When I first had it simply as the standalone &, I would get an error in the preview window pointing out that & is an escape code and should be followed by other characters or a # and then numbers. So I replaced it with & which is the HTML named code for that character.

However, when I save the file, "&" is replaced by "&"

I tried using "& # 38;" (without the spaces) instead, but on saving, it's replaced by "&"

Subsequent saves just make the chain that much longer.

Both & and & # 38;(without the spaces) are in my list of entities to preserve, along with various quotes, dashes, and ellipses. None of those others are affected. Only the ampersand is getting messed with.

I'm running 0.9.8. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Is there a workaround?
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