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Lightbulb Accessing the display via /dev/fb fails silently... [SOLVED]

I do hope someone might be able to help. I got the arm toolchain going from so I can kinda compile code to run on the reader.


So I went and wrote two hello programs, one in asm I found somewhere on the net, and the other in C (I just wrote the usual one). I also wrote an attempt at accessing the framebuffer device (/dev/fb) cobbled together from various places on the net. I then added their execution to porkupan/igorsk's firmware loader script (
echo "ASM:" >> $W_LOG
/Data/test/hello/hello_asm 2>&1 >> $W_LOG
echo "C:" >> $W_LOG
/Data/test/hello/hello 2>&1 >> $W_LOG
echo "FB:" >> $W_LOG
/Data/test/hello/fb 2>&1 >> $W_LOG
Ok, so hello_asm and hello work fine:
Hello from Asm!
Hello from C!

The execution of fb proceeds successfully, here's the output:
Attempting to access the framebuffer device
Screen mapped: 600 x 800, 8bpp
Type: 0, linelen: 600, smemlen: 480000
grey: 8, rotate: 0
Sleeping for 1 seconds.
However, nothing happens to the screen! I put the code into a loop which hammered /dev/fb continuously with all possible values, I made the script wait, nothing changed.

I'm attaching the code, but it's vanilla framebuffer access code via mmap, so I don't see why it isn't working, especially when no errors occur :(
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