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I've just tested this recipe file on my Kindle DXG instead of FBReader and it looks really good! Better then what I thought as I was viewing the resulting .mobi file through FBReader -- and looks like FBReader was really screwing me up!

Viewing the .mobi file on my Kindle DXG and everything looks really good except for:

1) Article title should probably be bold font.

2) Newline bug looks to be really a FBReader bug. I don't see this on my Kindle Reader! ;-)

3) About the only anomaly, number of views and number of comments/posts along with pipe symbols persists.

4) The masthead_url image shows on my Kindle! (Another bug specific to FBReader. ;-)

5) I've got four feeds uncommented and thinking of uncommenting all or most of them. (I have to view wireless charges first.)

I'm posting this here, instead of under the newer post with the inline posting of this news recipe because it has yet to show up on the list for the past hour. :-(
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