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Can't sync the new iPad and K2

Originally Posted by scoiattolo49 View Post
Just to summarise:

- Personal Documents Service does work across all platform but Cloud, Fire and PC reader. It always has.
The books will became "documents" (PDOK in 501) but they will be synchronized on any reader where you download them.
The main disadvantage of this method is that you will not be able to see the details of the book and share/read comments and annotation from other people.

- you can use iTunes to add to the document folder. Also in this case they will became "documents". No synch across readers.

- you can copy the books directly in /Library/eBooks/ in the Kindle app directory (for iOS I suggest using iFunbox).
In this case they must be existing ebooks sold by Amazon having a ASIN code, correctly inserted into the (113) ASIN field.
In fact now Kindle checks (via ASIN code) that the book exist and only after it synchronize it.
You can see this happening by the fact that without a internet connection on the device the cover on the book is not loaded even if the book has it (and you can read the book). Only after the check the cover is loaded and the book synchronized.
I suspect also that you must have a Kindle reader and the book must be first loaded there for the all synch to work (i.e. it doesn't work if you only use iOS and/or Android readers).
I can't for the life of me get sideloaded books to sync to last page on thew new ipad 4.1, iphone 4S 5.0 and K2.

I used Calibre and edited the metadata and then reconverted the book with [EBOK] tag. I put the book on my K2 via USB and then tested the sync with K4PC and it seemed to work as far as syncing goes.

But I am not able to get it working on the new iPad and iphone 4S. The kindle version on the Ipad is 3.01 and 3.0 on the iphone 4S. According to your post (which I am likely misunderstanding), you mention you can use the personal document service to deliver the modified MOBI file to the ipad and iphone. I have tried emailing it via the kindle email address as well as the kindle windows utility. I also tried to sideload the ipad and iphone with iexplorer but I dont see the directory to place them in (all I can kind in the Apps directory is com.Amazon.Lassen) and when I try to access that or any directory iexplorer gives me the error "This iOS device appears to have reached its limit of connecting to 5 app directories for this session..." which makes me think the free iexplorer is trial/feature limited.

I have also tried modifying the ASIN with mobi2mobi and repeating the above and that didnt seem to help. Also tried deleting all the files from the my kindle library on the web and on the devices to start fresh and it doesnt seem to help.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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