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Originally Posted by MacEachaidh
So you're thinking of coming to live here in Oz? Good for you, ToboldH, and welcome. I hope it's a great move for you.

Where are you now?
I am in South Africa (Sandton, Johannesburg).

I am a computer programmer and went over to Melbourne in June of 2006 for three weeks because we were doing a joint software development with an Australian company. I just couldn't shut up about it when I returned. The people especially, but also the atmosphere and feel of the place.

My wife was not convinced and so I didn't press the matter. Then, some 18 months later, she decided, all on her own, that we should go. It was a wonderful surprise! This was in December of 2007. I contacted a migration agent and started getting everything together (academic transcripts, work references, police clearance, birth certificates, etc). We submitted our application in April of 2008. We were granted permanent residency in May last year (2009). It is a long wait, but so rewarding! The following month (June), we activated our visas with a trip to Melbourne, Cairns and Sydney. My wife loved the country too, which was a relief.

We are thinking of around the middle of next year to make the move, after selling our house and getting everything ready. I can't wait! I am already a proud Aussie, and I'm not even there yet. I wore the Socceroos jumper during the recent World Cup here, have the flag on my office desk, a map of Melbourne above it, and several other bits and pieces.

Off topic, totally, but I always get carried away when I talk about it.
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