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Device: sony prs 350 issue with wifes sony

Good day everyone. Well, my wife won't buy anymore books from she said. First off the wife has the prs 950. It started a week and a half ago with one book she downloaded from Borders. She transferred the book to her reader as she has done with all the other books that she got from Borders. When she tried to open the book it would either pop up page error or DRM. I talked with Borders Tech support the first time and they said that it was something to do with the reader and sent me to the sony tech. Sony tried to work with the problem, then said that borders needed to reissue the book. The next day when the wife when to use her reader none of the other borders books would open I know the sony tech person did somenthing but I do not know what. I went onto the borders site under the wifes account and tried to re down those books for her but when I do It says that they are licensed to another user. How can that be When they are in the wifes borders account. I called up Borders again and they sent me to sony again. The sony tech said that borders needs to reissue the books back to my wife and when I told borders that they said that they could not do it and that the individual I was talking with at Borders said the books can only be read on the computer and not the reader and that they cannot reissue the books. the books will open on the computer but I can not get them to the reader. I have tried calibre, ade, sony reader store, Borders app and known work. After all the frustration my wife told me to give up and that she will not buy another book online from borders again. So the money that she spent on twelve books is lost now that she can not read it on the reader.
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