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Smashwords - Excellent Service

Last week I bought several ebooks from Smashwords (Fembot Chronicles plus several others by D. B. Story - Sci-Fi/R rated Romance).

One of them had all the text in the body of the ebook in red. On my Black and White ECOReader this showed as very pale grey and was impossible to read with my old eyes.

I contacted Smashwords through their contacts link and explained the problem.

In a very short time, just several hours, I was contacted by email from a gentleman by the name of Mark ( I assume one of the bosses) stating he would contact the publishers for a new copy. He sent me another email shortly after saying a new copy was available.

I downloaded the new copy but it was still corrupted. I again emailed Mark and he said he would again look into it for me.

Eventually after Mark had contacted the publishers and the author was also contacted, a whole new version was reformatted by the author and uploaded.

Finally after the 5th version was available, everything was working perfectly.

This whole episode happened within 48hrs from first problem to a complete whole new version.

I congratulate Smashwords and Mark for their fantastic support of a little customer like myself who needed help.

All my ebook purchases in future will be from Smashwords where possible as my first port of call.

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