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Originally Posted by Ea View Post
I do, too. Think I'm no. 5.

What I would like to see, was some more user-friendly documentation. You can find things here that you can't find in other places - or perhaps it only exist in Russian. Things like that. It's not easy to find out where to start looking and it's easy to miss information that might make a good device work much better for the user. The start-up guide that came with the device was so-so. A few more illustrations would make things clearer. When I downloaded a firmware upgrade, the link had 'TEST' in it, and I wondered whether I was actually downloading the right software, but I couldn't find anything else. In short, product support could be improved somewhat. I'm sure there's a lot of great information available, but it's not all easy to find.
For me it seems like the "Add category" (a long press on the OK when you are in Favorites) is a bit like the Sony's "Collections" that are used by Calibre for its tags.

I have tested to create multiple categories and then added the same book to multiple categories, you can even add a folder as favorite, so for instance if you sort your books under a separate folder for each author, then you could add multiple author folders to a category.

I know this is done on the device, and I haven't checked how the Favorite's are stored on the device, but I would be surprised if it is impossible to do this from Calibre.

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