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Selling PRS-505, Nook or Kindle 2 for next reader?

Hey folks,

So I've had my Sony PRS-505 for about half a year now. I have been mostly happy with it, but now I think I'd like a reader with wireless network connectivity to purchase books on-the-fly. I'm torn between the Nook & Kindle 2. Here's what I consider important to me:

-I have a variety of books (all text) in PDF format. I'd like a reader that can handle this format with the least hassle.

-Even though I'm looking for a wireless network, I only plan on buying public domain books (like Sony had in their store). Which store (Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble) hosts more free books (in the classic genre). Also, if I were to buy a bestseller, who has the better price?

-Has anyone tested the page turning / operational speed of the two devices and come up with a snappier product?

I think that's about it, but if you have anything else to comment on either device, or if you have another in mind, please feel free to post your opinion. Thanks for your time, and happy new year!
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