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Originally Posted by coubi64 View Post
Hello Everybody,

I have a Kobo Mini, and I'm very interested in trying a PB 624 but screen resolution is lower than the Kobo Mini.

If i could make my own ereader, it would be this PB 624 but with a better resolution and maybe light, everything else suits me on this ereader. Does it already exists? Should I wait? What is your opinion on this PB 624?
I have this reader. My opinion is worst than I expected.

First thing what I dont like is option.
You cannot set default option of fbreader and adobe viewer like type of font, size font and other. You cannot set what reader use like default to view your book. I use some tips from this forum about that and this function but not on reader. Reader is very slow. I use update 4.4 but this is same like update before. Touch display not react correctly, very often use must touch repeatly 2x,3x. AdobeViever cannot set any default setting by user, This app uses only default setting by firmware. Font and size you must set on every book what you read. Adobe viewer is very very slow. Change size of text is horrible thing. I prefer fbreader app and I try to use primary, because adobe viever isnt usable. Its my forst e-book reader and I not happy with this product.
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