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When is the FW update coming?

So, I am in love with my Touch just like most everyone else is. It is a beautiful unit that is great at what it does, but there are a few things that are driving me crazy that I know will be fixed in the new FW update. The question is WHEN will this update arrive?

The biggest issue is the ghosting. If this were fixed soon I would be willing to wait a while for all the other updates/fixes like universal dictionary and highlights, footnoting/link support, multiple bookmarks, etc. I would really like support for adjustable margins and line spacing as well.

There are a myriad of things that have been mentioned and I know will be coming down the pipe eventually, I just really would like the ghosting issue to be fixed. It seems the issue doesn't just crop up because of partial page refreshes, but even when returning to the Home screen from a book or entering a book, etc. there are faint outlines on book covers/text/white space of the page before--even when it looks like there has been a full screen black flash refresh. This is kind of concerning.
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