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Summary of available top-devices


I'm currently in the same situation, searching for a note-taking e-ink device for work (mostly reading technical books, papers and taking some notes in meetings). I did some research on what's available and currently I'm undecided between the Boox Note Pro and the Likebook Alita. So here comes a (probably) incomplete list of devices I looked into based on, and this blog:

Onyx Boox Note Pro
This device has pretty good hardware, backlighting, supports many formats and extensive pdf-functionality. Furthermore, updates are provided constantly.
What worries me a little is the glass display and the fact that the software is based on Android 6 which has known security issues and is out of date. This can pose a security threat. Furthermore, there is no SD-card slot but the 64 GB storage should be enough.

Likebook Alita
Good hardware including SD-card slot. It is unclear when it will come out and with what price tag. Apparently, the PDF support is limited (basic stuff works but Iím not sure if it supports highlighting for example. The OS is Android 6 but is supposed to be upgraded to Android 8 in autumn this year. Overall, hardware-wise it seems to be on par with the Onyx Boox Note Pro, but the functionality seems to be inferior.

Throughout really good reviews. However, the hardware is 2.5 years old and I think there are more advanced options. It does not have an SD-card slot. The writing should be top-notch from what I've heard. However, no backlight and apparently not that fast with PDFs. The OS is based on Linux so the functionality is limited.

Sony Digital Paper
Writing-feel is superior to most similar devices according to Good E-Reader. However, they are too expensive for what they provide (few formats supported, closed-off from everything etc.). OS is self-made (I guess itís based on Linux)

SuperNote A5
Relatively new device with an OS based on Linux. Therefore, reduced functionality compared to Android-based devices and some software issues. Hardware is better than the Remarkable but lower than Boox Note Pro and Likebook Alita. Also, the writing experience is apparently pretty good. However, there is no backlight which is a deal-breaker for me. If you donít care about this, it sure is good.

Wisky E-Pad
Has a Kickstarter campaign going at the moment and is supposed to ship this August. Makes a lot of promises with great hardware (including SIM-card support and SD-card slot). The OS is based on Android 7. Most reviews note that the software is still quite buggy and the battery life is poor.

Xiaomi Moaan W7
The Mooan has okay hardware and an OS based on Android 8. What really stands out is the low price. However, it is not released yet and as Xiaomi has not released a similar product before I wouldnít expect much from the software for the first couple of months. But this remains to be seen.

Mooink Pro
Hardware seems to be okay but there is no SD-card slot and the battery seems pretty small. There is not much information out yet as it is not released yet. Pre-ordering will start mid-July 2019 with various prices based on when you order it, starting as low as 333$.

I hope this helps.
Cheers Chris
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