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Post Which eReader/digital note taker should I buy?

I'm a researcher in the market for an eReader with:
- decent PDF support
- the ability to easily highlight and take lots of notes in books and articles
- the ability to sync those annotations with versions on my computer at home

Apparently, what I’m looking for is now called a “digital note taker”, I guess.

Here are my requirements (I realize compromise is inevitable! Please comment if you can!)

Primary use: Reading AND taking notes on journal articles, mostly PDFs, as well as ebooks (mostly ePub format). Some of my PDFs have actual PDF formatting (table of contents, ability to select text), but others are scanned images of books (so no selecting text... a touch screen would seem to be the only solution)

Would replace: printed copies, or reading and annotating in computer PDF software like Adobe Acrobat.

Computer: Mac

eBook software: Calibre, for example (other would be fine too)

Most important features:
- true epaper display !!! (no LCD screen tablets).
- large enough screen to view full width of a PDF without having to zoom left and right (cutting page into two or three vertical parts is fine).
- highlights and notes I can sync with my Mac, so that my annotations are there whether I'm viewing file on my eReader or on my Mac (For PDFs, I think it would be ideal if they could be saved in the PDF itself).

I think my ideal ereader would essentially be a light, epaper device that allows me to mark up my PDFs with a stylus in a similar way that I do with a pen on paper, or with mark-up tools in PDF viewers on the computer. These files would then be viewable with my notations in my PDF viewer on my computer.
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