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Duokan FAQ

I started making some notes on the new English Duokan release and thought it'd be a good idea to start a FAQ thread.

Duokan Quidle FAQ

What is Duokan?

Its an alternative OS for the Kindle developed by a Chinese team. It's also available on Kindle2/Kindle DX/Kindle DXG. It's free for non-commercial use. It doesn't overwrite the official system in Kindle, but works as a secondary system. After installation, there's a boot menu where you can select from Duokan or the official system by pressing 1 or 2 ("Q" and "W" on a Kindle 3). Duokan improves on the compatiblity with Chinese characters of the K3, along other key features. It has a new PDF reader which provides full-screen reading, cropping the white margin and better support of two/four-column papers. Duokan can also do partial screen refreshes which is faster when switching pages compared with the default black screen refresh used in the original system. Users report that Duokan works better with comics and some complicated PDF files.
Adapted from: meisup

What are the principal benefits of using Duokan's OS?
  • More filetypes supported
  • Clear, crisp layout
  • More customizable
  • Better PDF reader
  • Better dictionary support
  • Decent MP3 player
  • Fine control of fonts and margins
  • Lots of shortcut keys
  • Folders (which can be easily organised)

What does Duokan mean?
"Read More". Note: When using Google Translate to read website Duokan is translated as "see more" and "look at" means read me as in readme file.

How is it installed?
  1. Note: Jailbreak is NOT required
  2. Download Duokan from or Flip's English site (which also has good instructions).
  3. Open compressed file eg with 7-Zip
  4. Copy the three folders starting DK to your Kindle's root folder.
  5. Copy the relevant bin for your Kindle to the root folder (see list below).
  6. In the Kindle's settings menu select "Update your Kindle"
  7. When Duokan splash screen appears press Q
  8. Kindle will boot in to Chinese
  9. Press Menu key and select spanner icon (settings)
  10. Go down to 3rd screen and press D to change language
  11. Select English
(On Kindle 2 you might see no letters but numbers. So press Menu, then 0 (settings), page 3, select 3 (Language), then select 2 (English))

Is there a browser?
No. There is a basic book find that connects to various sites though which works via wifi only. There is no support for 3G at present although its being worked on.

How can I use the bookstore feature?

How can I edit the English translations?
Try editing DK_System\system\Profiles\FontInfo_yw.txt (Note: not all text strings can be altered using this file)

Can I still enter terminal commands?

Where are my existing files?!?!
To see your ebooks from your original installation to Duokan go to Settings, page 3, select "F. Support old system" and confirm. You can also copy some ebooks to your DK_Documents folder to use them only in Duokan eg I put Word docs and ePub books in here.

What formats can Duokan read?
  • TXT
  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • MOBI
  • DJVU
  • ZIP
  • DOC
  • CHM (but NOT HTML files at present)
Image formats:
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIFF
Audio formats:
  • MP3

Which Kindle do I have?
To find your serial number look in "Settings". The serial number prefixes are:
  • B001 = Kindle 1
  • B002 = Kindle 2 U.S.
  • B003 = Kindle 2 international version
  • B008 = Kindle 3 WIFI version
  • B006 = Kindle 3 3G + WIFI U.S. version
  • B00A = Kindle 3 3G + WIFI European version
  • B004 = Kindle DX U.S.
  • B005 = Kindle DX international version
  • B009 = Kindle DXG

Does installing Duokan affect the Kindle's software?
No. Duokan is independent of the original system, when you start the Kindle you can choose to boot .

How do I un-install?
Delete the folders starting DK and reboot the Kindle.

Will an Amazon firmaware upgrade affect Duokan?
No, you can upgrade the original system Kindle without issues.

How to get the MP3 player working?
Create DK_Music folder at same level as DK_Documents (may require Kindle reboot to see files).
ALT M pops-up the music player.
Aa key switches between control via playlist or 5-way controller.
Repeat and random modes are supported.

How to return to USB mode without unplgging/plugging in USB lead?

Add them to DK_System/Savers/
In 2nd page of System Settings, press "7" key to set "screen saver image settings" to "Custom Folder". Note on sizes (6-inch screen: 800x600; 9.7-inch screen: 1200x824 resolution)

Download one of the StarDict dictionary files - are all a bilingual - English dictionaries and thesurus plus other specialist English dictionaries.

Where can I find more StarDict download links?

How do I install a StarDict dictionary file?
  • Download a StarDict format dictionary from one of the above sites
  • Extract three files with the following suffixes (using 7-Zip): dz, idx, ifo
  • The file ending dz is also compressed file so extract open it (again with 7-Zip or similar program)
  • Now we have four files: Dz Idx Ifo Dict.
  • Copy the idx, ifo, and dict files to DK_System\system\dict\
  • Multiple dictionaries can be installed

How do I look up a word?
1st install a dictionary!
To invoke the dictionary interface do one of the following:
  • Press MENU and select Dictionary
  • In a pdf (non-text mode) press any letter to open dictionary.
  • TXT, EPUB, CHM, and PDF (in text mode): press MENU and select "Find. Dictionary. Notes" -> in the pop-up input box to find the word, and then select "Search dictionary."

TTS Voices?
Apparently you can get a better US female voice using this file:
Extract the WyabdcRealPeopleTTS folder and copy to the Kindle's DK_System\system\dict\

shift + Alt + G to save.
Where is this saved to?

Screen wipe/refresh?
When the screen is blurred or ghosted you can force a full refresh pressing the Enter key

Is there a shortcut list?
Registered users can view the shortcut image chart in this FAQ. There's lots more great info but you'll need Google Translate to help your make sense of it all!

Where can I learn more?
Flip's website
...or search this site!

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