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Originally Posted by igorsk View Post
Use this one, not the "Russify" package:
Okay.....I ran the Universal Flasher and got the menu and selected 7. That seemed to execute and then gave the meassage that it didn't update sucessfully.

I then ran the Sony Updater and when prompted plugged the 505 to my PC. The screen showed "Reader....updating firmware now...".

and that's as far as I got. It never rebooted and it never reached the end of "updating". Now I can't even shut the unit off and on the screen now it says..."Firmware update did not complete successfully, please try again"

I've tried "again" 3 times and it still doesn't reboot during the process and it won't power down.

I tried doing a reset and that didn't phase it either. It's STILL on.

Next ideas? Please?? (and thanks to all of you who are responding and offering suggestions)
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