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Originally Posted by sarikan View Post
Hi Bob,
The thing is I am in a hurry. Have a huge amount of reading to do, and I have brought only pdfs with me when I moved to UK from Turkey, since chunks of paper is not the cheapest thing to transfer by plane
Most of my reading is done next to a computer, in some sort of office environment anyways, so I can live with 5 hours.
I guess there is no real alternative to DR when it comes to reading A4 pdfs, especially if you have weak eyes like mine.
It would be great if the early owners would share their experiences for guys like me.
Thanks for all the feedback


Hi there, it's a fellow doctoral student, who also reads thousands of pages a week. Although my DR1000S seems to be problematic, - still waiting to hear back from iRex - it is truly a delight! It is just great to read all the PDF's that go with our position. Read around - others have had good luck with the iLiad but I am holding out to see if this issue with my DR1000S improves or find out what iRex wants to do about it. If 3-5 hours works for you, then this Reader is for you! (But again - not me!)

BTW, This forum is very helpful, but also try the iRex forum too, you might be able to gather enough information between the two to make a decision.

Really, the DR1000S is a great Reader! (Now if they could just get the software, battery, Wacom, ...etc issues straightened out....)

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