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Reader for PDF magazine, university scripts etc + ability to write notes / highlight

I know there has been a thousand of these questions but I was just unable to find anything that would work well for me. So if you do know, please advise or point me in the right direction. Thanks.

I'm looking for a reader that would have no problems with (especially) PDFs with graphics, for ex. a magazine or my university scripts which contain a lot of mathematical formulas (LaTeX).
Moreover, I'd really want to be able to add notes to the scripts and highlight the text.
I'd also very much like the ability to search in the text.

The size should be enough to read an A4 page - so in landscape that'd be at least A5.
And of course, reasonable price but I don't want to set a border. Let's see what comes up.

(the only thing I've found was iRex DR1000S and that's just way too expensive at the moment - one could buy two average netbooks for the price of one iRex)

Thanks in advance!

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