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If you find yourself lost with the KindleDX (like losing your password and cannot access your KindleDX at all) try wiping it to the factory default. Just like you got it when you bought it from the store, but before doing so always make sure you backup your books and files before resetting it to the factory default settings. To reset and completely wipe your Kindle 2nd DX, you must do the following:

1. Slide the power button over to the right for 15 seconds,
2. let go of the power button,
3. Immediately press and hold down the "Home" button until it restarts.
4. If that does not work, try the following (only after you do the above first)
5. Type in the password request area the following: (all lower case and no spaces and without quotation marks) "resettofactorysettings"
6. if it does not work the first time try again until it takes it..
7. And there you have it a clean factory KindleDX.

At least this is what they told me to do when my password would not work.

Just a little thing to help anyone who loses or forgets their password.

JC (This is my first post and I hope it helps in lost passwords, frozen kindle's, or strange acting problems like yours above) (If I am wrong, tell me but don't burn me... I am a man and I can admit when I am wrong... But if I post items for technical support, it came from Amazon Kindle 2nd DX technical support..))

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