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Just received my KDXG at lunch. Comparisons vs iPad and PRS505

- KDXG is much lighter than I expect. It's significantly lighter than the iPad. Its a bit heavier than the 505

Page Flips:
- KDXG is extremely fast. Faster than I thought possible with eInk. While the iPad is of course faster than the KDXG, its not significant. 505 is slower than KDXG, and its drawing less than half the amount of text. The KDXG must do some pre-caching for forward pages because flipping backwards isn't nearly as fast (same speed as the 505). Going forward on the KDXG can be compared to slowly flipping through a hard cover book, its very impressive

Ok so this is what you all came for. The screen contrast is "good" but I wouldn't say "blows it out of the water". VS the 505 the KDXG's background is perhaps 3 shades whiter, but it is NOT pure white or anything close. The text looks like it's been bolded, (bolded text looks like its been double bolded). Over all the effect is that the text jumps off the screen better than the 505. It is a better experience, and might be very important if you read more than 4 or 5 hours at a time.
The iPad screen is great, if you like emitive screens. I cant read fiction on emitive screens (i literally start crying in 15min). so I HAVE to have an eink style reader for ebook fiction.

Going to have my first "read" after work today... we'll see if the overall volume/size of the KDXG is a hinders my read.
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