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Originally Posted by sun surfer View Post
Just got my nook wifi about a week ago and am loving it. The books I've downloaded from B&N are working great, no problems. I do have quite a few questions and problems I'm trying to figure out though. And, I'm a complete beginner with this stuff so these might be really elementary!

1 - I'm having trouble with google books. You know it comes on the B&N website for free books, but it's just confusing to me. For example: I've been trying to download Middlemarch. On the B&N website there are a bunch of free results from google books and I have no idea which to download of the choices as they seem the same. But, when I've chosen one and download it, I open it up on my nook only to discover it's not the whole book! It starts in the middle. Then I tried another...and same thing, but it started from a different point in the middle of the book. Then I tried another - and it happened again! What's going on with that? Is that normal and how can I get it right and figure out which results are actually "good"?
Google books seems to have links to various means to purchase the books in question. Seeing some of your quesitons, —and noting that many of the epubs I've downloaded from google books, either directly or via the B&N site— were fraught with OCR-generated errors. The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus comes to mind, especially since the B&N stated that it was definately not filled with OCR errors.
I searched for Middlemarch using InkMesh and turned up a nfree epub from FeedBooks located here. It looks complete, and I saw no errors on the first few pages.

2 - I also tried to go directly to the google books website and it was even more confusing. I guess a bunch of results on that website can't be downloaded for free, but even if I could find one that was - how do I get it on my nook? Because I've been just putting stuff on my B&N library, then it goes wirelessly to the nook. And I tried using the website on the nook but google books loaded way too slowly because it has a lot of stupid book pictures so I gave up trying that way. Can I get downloads not from the B&N website on the library there for wireless downloading? All this trouble is starting to make the $3 B&N Classics edition look tempting LOL but I'm sure that was their evil goal!

3 - Since I've been obsessed with figuring out my google books problem, I've been trying to figure out the difference in pdf and epub. I know the basic difference - pdf is image. But for instance, if I get a pdf ebook from google books, can I still resize the text, change the text size and all that? And if it's epub, which I think the ones I downloaded were but I'm not sure, I thought it was text only so how did it show the pictures of the first few pages of the physical book? On google books itself, you have the choice of downloading pdf or epub, but on the B&N website if you're downloading a google book, it doesn't tell you if it's pdf or epub. Is there any way to tell which one it is after you download it? And do they generally go with epub or only use the epub or is there any logic to which version they give you? I'm assuming epub is the better format.
Most of the PDF's I've d/l'd from googlebooks have been scanned in a way that makes each page a sort of picture of the original (I can't think of any that were not thus). What I've determined to do in some cases is to either:
  1. download the PDF and the epub, edit and correct the epub in Sigil. This would be driving me to the brink of madness it it were not for the fact that I took that trip l;ong ago. (It was actually quite a short, refreshing walk.
  2. Download the PDF, either from GoogleBooks, or some other site, and use it for reference as I type the text in OpenOffice, or MSWord. This is actually quite a bit less frustrating than option [B]1[/b, but at least as time consuming. I am neither a fast nor accurate typist.
  3. Suck it up and purchase the book. Always, Always, ALWAYS, get and look at the Sample b ook first. B&N does not allow returns of electronic books.

4 - Besides google books, what are other good websites for free ebooks and even non-free ebooks that have compatible file formats with the nook? I know I've seen such a list somewhere before, but when I try to find it of course I can't. And also, if the list is big, which do you guys recommend using when I have the choice? I will be buying newer books for sure too (and I already have), but I'm especially planning on downloading a lot of free older books and classics from scratch, so that's why for such a beginner I'm trying to learn and get all this down right, so I can do it the best and fastest way possible and get the best versions that are free.
MobileRead is one, you can find others here

[QUOTE]5 - I'm planning on trying to read up on calibre and learn how to use it. From what I gather it's like a library tool, like my B&N library. What I want to know is, if I use calibre, how am I going to get books onto my nook? I prefer to do it all wirelessly if possible. Is there some way once I've put sorted things on calibre, I put it on my B&N library so I can get it on my nook or what?[/QUOTE}

To the best of my knowledge, wirelessly ain't gonna doot. You can "Sideload" files on and off your Nook via Calibre.

6 - Do you guys know of any tutorials or ebooks/ereaders/nook for dummies type of thing? I'm such a beginner but I can learn and I want to know at least the basics of everything with the downloading/finding stuff/all the basic extras like even converting stuff and all that. The physical use of the nook once things are on it I'm fine with. I'm trying to learn this stuff now but I just find a lot of random info and a lot of it sounds complicated and I'm not sure what to try to dive in first. What I have dove into so far, it just gets me more confused!
No book that I know of. Read the User Manual, really. It is actually often helpful, and only has a modicum of misinformation. Other than that, browse the forums here at MR, and other Nook forums (on the B&N site, as well as others.)

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