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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
But how does it compare with the free tools that many of us are happily using? Book Designer, for example? Does it generate nice tables of contents? How is the support for images? Footnotes? Hyperlinks within the document?
It does support images, tables, etc... anything you can get pasted or created in a Word Document If you can paste it or edit it in word, then you can read it in your PRS-500, as simple as that.

If you are creating a document and want to read it on your PRS-500, you can create footnotes on your word document as you would normally do and all that stuff gets into the final .pdf or .rtf that you are going to load to your PRS-500.

Just go to the official site of Michelangelo 2.0 and there you will find (like after the first 2 paragraphs) the sales page itself formatted for your PRS-500 available for download, so you can even read it on your PRS-500 if you hate reading on the computer screen as much as I do.

You will see in your own PRS-500 how the margins are setup correctly, the images are displayed even visualize how documents are actually seen on your PRS-500 when you load an ebook filled with line breaks and then when you load one with the line breaks removed using the software.

I've used Book designer in the past (that's what I was using -or trying to use- before this) but it is waaaay too hard to understand and very complicated as it supports god knows how many different reading devices also is very unstable, not for the regular user thats for sure And I am no expert in computers, I am a regular user, so all that having to modify .dll files and all that programming stuff is hard to me.

I also used The Word Macro, available here at the forums but again... having to lower the security levels to use it really worries me (with all those hackers everywhere)

That's why this Michelangelo software with only 4 simple buttons installed to an interface which I am already familiar with (ms word) made sense for me to buy.

I really prefer to pay 45.95 for something that is predictable and works as I want it to (plus have full use of the powerful tools of microsoft word and not the limited editing tools of book designer) instead of spending hours reading posts on this forum for some information on how to even setup book designer in the first place!

I am still impressed how simple yet powerful this application is. I guess you get what you pay for. These free tools you're talking about sure are a nice contribution and gesture from their developers but they aren't that good... as not always means good.

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