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Wow, firstly thanks for all the replies. I went to sleep and woke up with a page full of it!
The Medge cases does look good, I might get either a GO! or executive, lots of choices and colours to decide on.

I have researched on the PRS900 and found that the price is too high. Especially that If Im using it in Australia that I wont know if the 3g or wifi would even work. I think the size maybe abit too big even for my big handbag.

I was wondering if the book readers are able to zoom in past 100% on the pdfs? The slides that I generally make the pdfs from are originally powerpoint slides.

About the stylus, is it about 1-2 seconds delay from when you scribble/highlight it? or do you just get the funny feeling like when you draw on a nintendo DS?

Thank you Worldwalker for the list of places that I can get ebooks from, and I'll have a look at calibre too. Ive been visiting Baen Free library often myself to get reads on my PC, great website.
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