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Im glad to read that it would be able to read other pdfs and epub files.

The tricking sony store bit sounds pretty interesting. I have seen a few threads of people telling others to use whitepages to find an address, im guessing that the credit card might not need to be a U.S. one??

Im aware that there seem to be quite some many threads regarding their sony readers not disconnecting and what not, pretty sure all the readers have their good and bad bits. hehehe!

I also read up that the PSP charger works with them sony book readers, can anyone confirm that this works in Australia too? that would be wonderful

lastly, does anyone happen to have any reccomandation on accessories? Since it is a touch screen, would I need a screen protector? I would love to get a cover/case thing but so far I have only found the standard sony ones. I saw the "Eat/Pray/Love" boxset for Sony Pocket reader and the case just looks adorable. Sadly, I couldnt find any for touch.

If I do want to purchase it with extra memory are there any reccomandations? are the SD cards better or is it more worth it getting one of those sony pro sticks? I read somewhere in this forum that they slow down when the memory sticks are full, does this happen only with 16gbs or do they slow down even if 2gb is full?

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