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Feature Request: PDF zoom & pan control

I read textbooks on my Kobo.

Textbooks are laid out with specific formatting. A page may have the text in a column running down the side of the page. The left page and the right page of the "book" may have the text column in different places on the page.

When I zoom in on a pdf page, I have very little granular control over the panning side to side. This means I often have the situation where the text is too small or is zoomed in but I either lose the right part of the column or the left part of the column with a bunch of white space showing on the other side.

As an enhancement, can you improve this situation?

1. (optimal) Detect where the text column is and centre it in the viewer. This would be the best default for any book.
2. (workaround) Provide a finer control of left/right panning in PDF mode

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