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ereader virgin buying a Sony reader


I am currently looking at owning my very first ebook reader. After much careful research I have finally set my eyes on the prs-600. Not only does it look brillant for note taking during university lectures, it also looks as thought it may satisfy my curiosity and love of reading some classics that looks to be available free in elibraries!

Now, I am afraid of sounding like silly. As a "not that tech savy" person, I was just wondering if the sony readers would be able to read PDFS that I create by myself? or free epubs? or must they be DRM coded ones? all these terms are pretty new to me, even though I had tried looking them up my best around the forums as well as all over the wikis. Im not quite able to graps in full if the ebooks that I want to put on to the sony PRS-600 has to be DRMed or if im able to put regular epub books into it?

Also... If these books I get are so called DRM must they be purchased only from Sony website or would I be able to buy an ebook from borders? I am from Australia and is aware that the service that Sony offers is only out for US and UK.

I hope someone will help this lost lamb! Thank you
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