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Originally Posted by clintbradford View Post
JBlyth - Would you please privately (or here, I guess) send me a message: It seems that Australia is "ahead of the game" when it comes to some eReader devices. Could you just give me a little background of what the past year has been like for eReader consumers in your fine country? Just for my personal enrichment ... THANK YOU!
Hi Clint,

I must admit that my experience with eReaders only started at the beginning of June when the KOBO was released (and very quickly sold out) in Australia.

I had been watching the options for some time as I always get done for excess baggage weight (too many books) when I go to Japan each year for 8 weeks from August.

I almost bought a Kindle, but I didn't want to be tied to any particular book store, and the KOBO was much better priced in OZ- at the beginning of June anyway.

The KOBO suits me to perfection for what I need, which is basically to be able to easily read books from many different sources. The new firmware has improved things markedly, and I use CALIBRE to get the formatting as I like it, and also to convert from different formats on occasion. They make a perfect combination.

PM if I can help in any way!

John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia
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