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Originally Posted by Highroller View Post
Hey guys I am having a problem with my charger/adapter for the reader. I am having to bend the cord into unsual positions to get it to charge the batter pack. I expect there is a bad spot in the cord. Can I replace it with a standard adapter ie if its 12vdc output with 1000 milllamps. Is the plug that plugs into the reader custom? ie would have to break out the soldering iron and try tp splice the plug from the current charger onto the new adapter and cord? I dont see anywhere to buy just the adapter on the ebookwise site...

Thanks in advance.
You need a 12V, 1 Amp (or more) charger for best results. Smaller chargers won't provide enough juice. The connector is a bit unusual so it can be hard to find the connector. Radio shack has some universal adapters. You need a connector with center + voltage. Use Radio Shack's 273-1775 with tip "A" (comes free with purchase) and tip set to +.
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