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Originally Posted by joblack View Post
Two other examples:

Apple bans Pulitzer Prize political cartoons from iPhone

Censorship goes from silly to serious

Opera browser only installable if you are 17+ years old
Two examples that are totally off topic.

Apple rejected the political cartoon the first time because at that time it was forbidden for developers to make fun of public people. Apple initially felt this to be a good idea and didn't think of satirical contexts. In the meantime it changed that policy and asked the developer to submit the app again, which he refused as as far as I know.

The second example is just an example of Apple’s parental controls which are, frankly, not exactly flawless at this point. Opera is not marked as 17+ because of some wild conspiracy against competition, but simply because it can be used to access porn and violent content. Yes, I agree that is a pretty absurd argument. Nonetheless there is no relation to this topic.

Better examples would be:

• Ellen talk show which made fun of the iPhone
• Microsoft ad which criticized Apple for it's high prices

Now maybe I’m missing some inside information, but AFAIK both had to be censored because Apple went all girly on them. However, Matt Groening’s other, slightly less brilliant TV show besides the terrific Futurama, the Simpsons, featured an almost identical joke last year or the year before and it didn't get censored. But maybe that's because the Simpsons are officially allowed to do anything.
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