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I am just posting to see if anybody has had the same experience as I have, and whether I have done the right thing to deal with it.

I have a PRS-600 and generally put my books, in collections, on an SD card. It has worked quite well up till a few days ago, when it started to struggle. I found it was taking longer and longer to turn the page, up to the point where it just wouldn't any more.
I also found if I had lost my page I couldn't always get it to go to a selected page number, it would freeze when it got there.
It then decided it didn't want to turn off, like a naughty schoolchild it was stamping its feet and sulking, resulting in me stabbing it several times with the reset stylus end.

What I have done is copied the books off the sd card and formatted a new one in the reader. I then copied everything back onto the new card and it seems okay so far. I'm going to reformat the old 8gb card and try again.

Does this sound like a faulty sd card problem or is it likely to be more serious?
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