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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
I'm not sure why you want a single book record.
Because it's cleaner that way. It's the same book, why have multiple records just because I have multiple files in the same format? After all, I don't create separate records for different formats either.

Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
I copy the first book and all its formats/metadata (make a blank book and use the merge-keep others option), then replace the pdf in the new book record and mark that book with a tag or title change. Alternatively, just drag the new pdf over to the main GUI screen, wait for it to ask if you want to keep duplicates, say yes, then merge the metadata/formats from the first book record (with the keep option)

If you really need it in the same book entry, add a zip or rar file with all of your pdfs inside.
I'll probably go the Zip/RAR route -- thanks for the suggestion! Both this and the suggested duplication are kludges, though. IMHO the single-file-per-type assumption is a design flaw, or maybe I'm just too stubborn in persisting to be able to add all versions of a book to a single record.
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