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Originally Posted by fishface View Post
Umm, the Edge is heavy compared to what a human can comfortably hold in one hand for extended periods of time. The ipad just happens to be a well-known device that fits that criteria. Maybe you've got bulging muscles in your hands which can crush coal into diamonds, but most normal-sized humans WILL notice the weight - the fact that most other reviews indicate 3lb is on the high side indicate that this reviewer is properly calibrated.
Heard of a desk my friend? It's a common invention from what I hear. The eDGe is designed to be used in a classroom. Also, unlike ipad, which needs to be propped by with some kind of a stand, the eDGe can be positioned in any way you want, without a stand.

Talking of bulging muscles which can crush coals, too bad you don't have them. I suggest you hit the gym or get yourself a job at one of those coal mines. At a little under 2lb with case/cover on, ipad cannot be held for too long with one hand either.

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