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Standard apps (games) pocketbook 302, where to find?

Hi there, I just received my pocketbook 302 last Friday. I am quite happy with how it works, only Wifi is still a problem, but I already read much about this here. It is not a real problem for now, I guess I just wait for a new firmware upgrade and hope it is solved then. (also, I think swapping this pocketbook for another will not help much, since it is a software error)

Another thing is that I received my pocketbook, strangely enough, without any of the apps. No games, no scribe, no dictionary...I already mailed the webshop about this, but since it is weekend I'll have to wait. I am a bit afraid they will want me to send my pocketbook back to them, to exchange it for a new one. I rather don't want that, since I already installed the new firmware, changed the thing to my liking, added books and a dictionary and so on. Therefore I was hoping that someone could tell me if those games are somewhere to find on the net (especially the program scribe!), so I could just install them myself. I could not find it on the pocketbook site itself. Thanks in advance!
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