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dear KCKobo and everyone else

since you feel contacting kobo would be of help let me tell you i have contacted them 2 days ago with my problem both in a ticket and then over the phone. Not one person has gotten back to me via kobo. Zero. In the tech industry 2 days is forever. I would not call this great customer service. Since i am one of numerous persons with the EXACT same problem some kind of contact would be appropriate. For all people on here go on about how great the kobo is here is my experience.

Kobo one had to be returned due to a faulty down button. it took a month for the replacement due to there not being any available.

Kobo two made me realize how many other things were wrong with one that i thought were just missed features. kobo two was way better until i upgraded as i found the font problem really annoying. Now the battery life is short, the kobo won't be seen by the computer, and sleep mode has to be reset with the reset button as it freezes the kobo. i have reflashed the mem now 7 times as per instructed by kobo here in the forum as no one from kobo has contacted me, This has done

I am a fairly patient person but this is really testing those limits. i would have to say my overall experience with buying a kobo is about a 2 out of ten and in comparison getting a tooth extracted without proper pain management is about a 3.

At the present time I would caution people to wait to buy a kobo. Get one that is already upgraded. I know lots of people had no problems but lots of people did.

And just so you know yes i am a geek so i know the computer systems(well windows) fairly well as i have been using computers since 1987. it would be fair to say i am not a novice and i follow installation instructions to the T.
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