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I think my comment above invoking Apple merits further explanation.

Firstly, when I involved Apple in my comment, I was not in any way criticizing Apple. I was criticizing the writer. I love Apple products and they deserve all the praise they get.

What I have trouble with is the fact that Apple has become the unfair yardstick that everything else gets measured with. Most of the time the comparison is fair. A lot of times, it is not. Let me elaborate.

1. The comment that eDGe is heavy. Compared to what? Of course the ipad. It is immaterial that there are two screens. Also is immaterial the fact that ipad is a media consumption device where eDGe is an educational / academic device. It is not being sold to (solely) look at the website and listen to music (although it can do all that). The main purpose it to be able to read educational material on an e-ink screen (which has the most advanced annotating capabilities and is actually a Wacom surface).

2. The comment that it has a huge power adapter. Again huge is a relative term. Huge compared to what? As I have pointed out, it is similar to external HD drive or netbook power adapters. Are those really huge?

3. The comment on brightness is just plain incomprehensible. Of course, the LCD is a resistive touch screen and not capacitive. So it is not as bright as ipad's although in all honesty, you can crank up the brightness as much as you want. One can also say that it does not have the irritating glare that the ipad has (disclaimer:I do not own an ipad, but have used one)

Anyways. Enough said. Let me say that I own an eDGe and I am happy with it.
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