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Ungainly design. Very heavy. Huge AC adapter. Plastic construction feels flimsy. Color touch screen is too dim, lacks contrast, and has narrow viewing angles. Slow boot-up. No 3G option for buying e-books over the air.

Very heavy: 3 lb for 2 screens... are you kidding?

Huge AC adapter: Hello! This is a dual-screen tablet not a smart-phone. And to call it "huge" is ludicrous. It looks like those AC adapters you get for portable hard drives.

Color touch screen is too dim: Two words- Brightness slider

lacks contrast: No comment

Narrow viewing angles: Not true sir, unless you want to lay down besides it and try to view the screen. Hey I am not judging

Slow boot-up: This is true.

No 3G option: May be but it has 2 USB ports and a 3G dongle is not out of question

I think the reviewer is saying; "Hey this is not made by Apple so it is doomed to fail".
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