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Originally Posted by andym View Post
Oh and you can do a lot of this with a text editor that understands regular expressions (is anyone else using these BTW?), with a fairly simple expression changing _word_ to word can be done in seconds.
If you're already comfortable with an editor that understands regular expressions (REs), why are you afraid of the terminal? REs are a nightmare to most people, and even to many people who are very comfortable at the command line, they're a bit of voodoo black magic. If you can master REs, a terminal should be a piece of cake.

The basic syntax for running GutenMark is to open a terminal, change to the directory where your books is stored, and type "gutenmark file.txt file.html". When you hit enter, the program writes a few diagnostic lines to the terminal, writes your file, and exits. When the program exits, your terminal gives you a prompt, letting you know that it's ready for more commands.

While each of these items is individually pretty easy to do, it took my computer about twenty seconds to reformat Anna Karenina, while the same task took me about 3 hours, even with some other tools to help me out. On the reader, Anna Karenina is an almost 2000 page book at small font size, or over 4000 pages at large size. Given that, I think that the 20 seconds time frame is pretty amazing.

I haven't yet taken the time to run the result through either BD or HTML2LRF, so I can't guarantee that it'll look great, but it sure looks good in my web browser!

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