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Originally Posted by hacker
I'd like support for the full HTML4 specification for starters. Such subtle things as paragraph alignment, subscript/superscript, the FULL entity set, and support for non-English languages would be on my top list. iSilo still lacks quite a bit of standard HTML features, enough that using it for actual content on a daily basis, is depressing.
I think this is just a little unreasonable, to put it mildly. After all, iSilo is already in a completely different league from any of its competitors. I don't find using iSilo depressing, but rather inspirational - the developer or developers seem to me to go out of their way to be continually improving the product. For the amount of work they must have put in, it seems a real bargain to me. Anyway, I thought that you it did now have support for different encodings, which I take to mean different foreign language alphabets.
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