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Originally Posted by Sylver View Post
oh my, this sounds a daunting task that I cannot even imagine to take on. I seriously think the nook is not a very good choice for what you want to read. Do yourself a favor and get an iPad or a Kindle DX - I have tons of scanned Chinese PDF documents also waiting there just for DX to drop to sub $200 level.
Sounds daunting but there are 1000's of programs out there, one or two that wil do what I want, I just need to find them. I'm in the pre-wheel stage. I think that someone has done what I want already. If not, in a few weeks I'll write a script to rip apart my charts and magna to be readable. And I'll invent that wheel that we need. And put it out there for others to exploit.

But if some bright spark has done the work, I'd rather heap praise on their efforts rather than mine.

We should stand ON the shoulders of giants, not on their toes. Move forward to the efforts of others and spark them on.

Put the wish list together and see's who bids. Someone that takes my specs and delivers in 2 months vs 6-8 month of B&N fluff will win.

Trook wins-some problems, but they can fix it, and I could help. nookLauncher wins, some problems but it wins in the marketplace. It's all about adapting the device to my needs. If I can get 5 of the 11 things I want for $149 then I win over buying an iPad. If someone makes 11 out of 11 work for $149 then it's a hugh win for us.

Software is cool, adding functions to well thought out hardware. The hardware guys for the win, since they built multi-extensions into the system. OS soft guys to make it robust, App soft guy to make it work. And soon you go "well Miss Martha, my noon now does ..." and its a good thing.

Hardware is made to be exploited. Look at the Apple ][, and the PC. $500.000 industry grows into a trillion dollar marketplace with some software. Apple did it, IBM did it, Nook can do it. At this point the Nook is a book reader that can shift your paradigm. Look out B&N, we are shifting to new ways, come along for the ride, shake that paradigm and make some money.
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