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Originally Posted by Bremen Cole View Post
I like my old 3G iPhone, but am not a big fan of Apple... just open minded. The device exceeded my expectations, and therefore I kept it and am extremely pleased with it.
Much like me, i'm not a lover of Apple or the way they have to tight a restriction on what software you can use with their stuff and how you can connect them up. I do however love tech gadgets and computers and the iPad just seemed like something worth taking a punt on, and i've never looked back.

Originally Posted by Bremen Cole View Post
Is the iPad perfect? Of course not. Nothing is, or ever will be. But, as I have said before, the iPad has given the most satisfying user experience to me since my Commodore 64..... and that was a long time ago
I agree. Sure there are things that could be better or added, but where do you draw the line. Without doubt the iPad will see more generations over the years with added features and fixes/tweaks to current stuff. The user experience is one of the things that really makes it, it just works and works so well. I liked my Commodore 64 too, it was so great for it's time

Originally Posted by Bremen Cole View Post
The app store is screwy (but overall the best there is anyway), printing is solved with the new printers coming out (we really need to get rid of cables anyway), memory-card slot.... sure I'll take it.... front-facing camera, I don't care but understand that many would.......
Regarding the app store and iTunes, I have found stuff on their that is just what I need and while it is freely available on the web (same stuff from the same people), I would never have thought of looking or known if it wasn't for it appearing amongst other items and search results in the first place.
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